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Tony, an ex-convict and addict, desperate for a new relationship with his daughter and former partner, must overcome his past temptations and prove that he's finally changed his ways.


Director: Oisín-Tomás ó Raghallaigh | Country: United Kingdom

Irritated that he is only ever asked to portray child characters, Adam, a 27-year-old actor with the physical appearance of a 12-year-old boy, resorts to hiring a judgmental talent agent.


Director: Alyce Rogers | Country: United States

Going about her daily routine, a young woman faces discrimination and criticism based on her appearance.

A Pair of Horns on a Female Homo Sapien

Director: Saleh Kashefi | Country: Iran

A young man shares his testing journey scaling Mount Kilimanjaro.


Director: Geoff Chen | Country: New Zealand

A basketball player is plunged into a spiritual experience that awakens his inner power to be able to defeat the opposite team.

Double Cross

Director: Amiri Scrutchin | Country: United States

A 1950's style instructional video on how to live a manly life in a modern world.

How To Be: A Man

Director: Ella Friedman, Ben Senior & Aaron Razi | Country: United States

Harriet is hiding out in the wood when a stranger comes across her but is this a chance meeting.

Open Fire

Director: Olivia Swords | Country: United Kingdom

Two members of Generation Z expound on their values and habits as they redefine minimalism in a world of consumption, technology, and information overload.


Director: Isabelle Levent | Country: United Kingdom

An old man goes on a journey of understanding to relate to his wife

The Look 

Director: Shayan Naghibi | Country: Iran

A teenage girl from Moldova faces the migration issue that has struck the country after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Where Does the Sun Go?

Director: Liviu Rotaru | Producer: Republic of Moldova

When it's all over you will discover that nothing is ever random.


Director: Barath Rajesh Menon | Country: UAE

A young, avid Latino-American adolescent performs a reflective poem to his spiritual homeland, Cuba.

Homesick or (Las Lagrimas de la Nostalgia)

Director: Paulo Cesti | Country: United States

A young schoolgirl skips school in order to prove herself to some new friends, but sometimes you can't trust everyone.


Director: Olivia Maiden | Country: United Kingdom

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