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A teenage boy is pressured into losing his virginity to a sex robot.


Director: Miranda Howard-Williams | Country: United Kingdom

A young mother works secretly as a bouncer to support her family and must decide whether to tell her daughter the truth.

Woman of the Night

Director: Cassiah Joski-Jethi | Country: United Kingdom

During a sleepover, four space obsessed 9-year-old girls embark on a secret mission in their cardboard rocket.

Space Girls

Director: Carys Watford | Country: United Kingdom

Five people have never met before, but, by a simple coin that travels through the hands of each person, their lives become intertwined. 

The Power of One Coin

Director: Flaminia Graziadei | Country: United Kingdom

A poem that asks us to put down our smartphones and pay attention to the parts of the world that really matter.


Director: Brett Chapman | Writer: Nadia Emam | City: Sheffield

After best friends Melissa and Rebecca hide the body from their first kill, they find themselves stuck on a deserted country road.

First Kill

Director: Amanda Moresco | Country: United States

When Camille meet Etienne, there is something more than usual, but despite their shared desire, those two hearts will hurt each other.

The Snag

Director: Desalos Isabelle | Country: United States

A traumatised soldier runs away from the trenches and finds healing in his old familiar haunts.

Home to the Hangars

Director: A. D. Cooper | Country: United Kingdom

Eleven years after their break up, a woman tracks down her first love through Facebook but what begins as a friendly meeting turns into something much more sinister.

People You May Know

Director: Louisa Fielden | Country: United Kingdom

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