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A lonesome girl, Mona, explores her infatuation for a mysterious young man.

You Almost Saw Me

Director: Ryan Henry Knight | Country: United States

At her first day on the job, it isn't long before Reauchean realises that there's something awry at the core of Millennium Steel.

We Can Do It

Director: Emil Benjamin | Country: United States

Two academic rivals have to do a gruesome task in order to decide whether one of them is worthy of a prized scholarship.

Supper for Civilised Girls

Director: Ella Robertson | Country: United Kingdom

An budding filmmaker decides to secretly film her parents arguing for a film competition.

Family Footage

Director: Freyja Pakarinen | Country: United Kingdom

In a society living on Mars, two young, and in love, scientists attempt to uncover the truth of their situation by attempting to escape.

New Mars

Director: Susie Jones | Country: United Kingdom

Ten minutes leading up to their biggest sold-out gig, a band begins to crumble at its very core.

10 Minutes

Director: Aman Adlakha | Country: United States

A castaway’s lonely life takes an unexpected turn when an unfamiliar object gets washed up on the beach.


Director: Sabrina Marengo | Country: United Kingdom

A depressed man is addicted to tiny space can finally make himself disappear.

-6.831 Miles

Director: Shuna Luo | Country: United Kingdom

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