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Six young men challenge the archaic misunderstanding of masculinity.


Director: Sam Bassett & Kevin Lanre | Country: United Kingdom

A relentless and driven young woman who finally opens up about the realities of living with a chronic disease.

Winter Hill

Director: Lee Gray | Country: United Kingdom

Follow the process of how shea butter is created from start to finish, a job dominated traditionally by women in Ghana.

Women's Gold

Director: Eza Doortmont | Country: United Kingdom/ Ghana

People who lived through the boom of cinema in León, Guanajuato, relive the extinct movie houses through their memory, confronting their current reality and embracing the nostalgia of not being able to go back.


Director: Marcelo Briceño | Country: Mexico

A Muay-Thai fighter has to overcome mental health issues and personal loss to prove to everyone and himself, that he is not defined by his past.

One Way Ticket

Director: Mark J Birch | Country: United Kingdom

Dave's comrades take the challenge to follow Dave as he runs 10 marathons in 10 days along the West Coast of Ireland.

Dave Goes West

Director: Joe O'Connor | Country: United Kingdom

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