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A young woman needs her toilet fixing in her hotel bathroom, but there's one problem: her plumber may be a vampire.

Once Bitten...

Director: Pete Tomkies | Country: United Kingdom

A crew of young filmmakers follow an unappreciated groups of council workers, getting a glimpse of the daily grind of ghost hunting as they deal with a host of restless spirits, rude poltergeists, unflattering overalls, and worst of all... budget cuts.

Revenant Relocation Officers

Director: Robert Duncan | Country: United Kingdom

Two exes agree to meet up and exchange belongings, only for old passions and argument to resurface - all hinging around one last item neither are happy to let go.

Parting Gifts

Director: David Yorke | Country: United Kingdom

After misunderstanding his boss’s comments and body language, and believing he is asking for a kiss, a young man starts to kiss his boss at the end of weekly meetings.

Boss Kiss

Director: Scott Michael Wagstaff | Country: United Kingdom

A young woman takes her boyfriend to a couple’s therapy in order to take their relationship to the next stage, but it soon becomes clear that things are not as they seem.

Couples Therapy

Director: Tatjana Anders | Country: United Kingdom

Matthew just found out he has a few months to live. Most people would be devastated, but for Matthew, it’s the best news he has ever received.


Director: Ross Donald | Country: United Kingdom

God created existence and then he created Adam. It's Adam's job to become the father of humanity, there's just one slight problem, he'll need to actually talk to Eve first...

Adam meets Eve

Director: Owain Paciuszko | . Country: United Kingdom

An ageing actress summons the spirit of Lady Macbeth in order to win the part in an upcoming production… Hell hath no fury like an older woman scorned.

Lady M

Director: Tammy Riley Smith | Country: United Kingdom

A homeless puppy is taken in by a mysterious character named ‘The Baron’ who uses her as a drug runner in reward for copious amounts of bones.


Director: Rica Sweeney | Country: United Kingdom

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