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A teenage boy sells marijuana to get enough cash for a special gift for his Mom's birthday.

Toke is Cheap

Director: Kerry van der Griend | Country: Canada

An peculiar anonymous group of people meet to discuss their dark obsessions.

Anonymous Psychos

Director: Anaelle Morf | Country: Switzerland

Heroin addict Edd unexpectedly turns up to his son Patrick’s eighth birthday celebration, Mum Fran and her new partner Mark must do everything to make sure he doesn’t ruin the party.

Smack Edd

Director: Greg Hall | Country: United Kingdom

Salva witnesses the murder of his mother on his birthday. From that moment on, he will live through the tragedy and nightmare that comes with revenge.


Director: José Antonio Muela | Country: Spain

Given that Jack was never caught, and that some people believe he could have been multiple killers, should we represent him as only one man?

Jack the Ripper_Then and now

Director: Haemin Ko | Country: United Kingdom

A woman returns to a house on the moors for her first wedding anniversary.

The Silent Moor

Director: Andy Wild | Country: United Kingdom

Amidst the horror and chaos of war, two enemies are forced into an unlikely alliance in the battle for survival.


Director: Ben Desmond | Country: United Kingdom

A man struggles to determine between past and present as the horrors of The Great War and his civilian life intertwine.


Director: James Sieradzki | Country: United Kingdom

Danila hijacks a taxi cab on a Saturday night and rushes furiously through Manhattan to find his young beautiful wife.

9.8 m/s²

Director: Michael Vaynberg | Country: United States

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