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A man tells the story of a world that is gone through captivating, dystopian images.

Gloom // Bloom

Director: Etienne Perrone | Country: United States

A man tries to keep in touch with a woman through an old radio while being persecuted in a post-apocalyptic world, where art is destroyed.


Director: Rafa G. Arroyo | Country: Spain

On her way home, a woman feels like she is being watched, so she locks herself in her room and falls asleep feeling safer, but a dark ball comes out from under her bed.

Black Sun

Director: Adrien Léonard & Laure de Martelaere | Country: Belgium

When Harvey Weinstein's convicted, two men realise that all their favourite movies are now deemed sexist, leading them down a dark path of discovery.

White Guys Solve Sexism

Director: Christopher Guerrero | Country: United States

On Christmas eve, an old lady tries to find her beloved deceased cat a final resting place, but remains unsuccessful until an option she hadn’t considered comes her way.

The Christmas Rabbit

Director: Christophe Lopez-Huici | Country: France

An old gnarled crab tells his story of loss and sorrow, hoping to save a couple of young crabs from the life of blues he's led.

The Blues Crab

Director: Ari Rubenstein | Country: United States

An awkward, gifted teen creates a robot friend on her birthday, but, in an accident, ends up with a sparky and affectionate android named Annie.

My Best Friend

Director: Myriam Ballesteros | Country: Spain

William, a man in his 70's is taken on a timeless journey to a remote Scottish Island to come to terms with his own mortality.


Director: Ryan Hendrick | Country: United Kingdom

A group of asylum seekers arrive at an English-speaking border, conflicting with the border soldiers every day until a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between the two groups.

Are You Volleyball?

Director: Mohammad Bakhsh | Country: Iran

A weary postman trudges through the February snow, delivering brightly coloured envelopes decorated with hearts and cupids – making deliveries to all but one door.

Special Delivery

Director: Robert Hackett | Country: United Kingdom

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