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The moving story of a man locked in a Portuguese Fado.

Minor Key

Director: Ivan Sainz-Pardo | Country: Spain

An undocumented Brazilian immigrant living in the Boston area decides to buy a car in an effort to better his life before returning home.


Director: Gustavo Rosa | Country: United States

When a woman at her wit’s end sits down to dinner with her husband, she realises that time is running out to resolve her mistakes and regain control of her life.


Director: Jamie Luke Milligan | Country: United Kingdom

After a long journey of searching and straying around a man finds himself in a cycle from which there seems to be no way out. Individuals, confused and isolated, fight on their own. Is it possible to escape this construct or are we the ones who stand in the way of overcoming this eternal cycle?

Up and Down - The Wheel Goes Round

Director: Christopher Aaron | Country: Austria

After falling asleep on the London underground, a man finds himself mysteriously spirited into the desert where he follows an elusive trail of a failed love affair.

Deadman's Reach

Director: Quentin Vien | Country: United Kingdom

Two brothers enter a familial dispute after one of them is manipulated by a Kosovar Imam into joining a terrorist group fighting in Syria.

Forgive Me

Director: Besim Ugzmajli | Country: Kosovo

A desperate mother descends deeper into the labyrinth of virtual reality, willing to sacrifice everything to rescue her son from a familiar kidnapper.

In Her Image

Director: Nikoloz Kevkhishvil | Country: Georgia

Desire, lust, guilt. Will you give in to your dark side?

Guilty Pleasure

Director: Yannik Leibacher & René Müller | Country: Switzerland

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