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In a totalitarian world run by 'The Terminal', a young job centre employee begins to question the system when her co-worker is prevented from being with the person she loves.


Director: Cal O'Connell | City: York

Carl wakes up to find that he is is prisoner inside a room with a curious young woman, who tries to help him escape.


Director: Sean Callaghan | City: Manchester

A young man with Down Syndrome tries to make a connection with his older brother, who is trying to fight for survival in a rundown seaside town.

Down and Out

Director: Natalie Kennedy | City: Macclesfield

Two lonely souls; a homeless man and a widowed librarian embark on an unlikely friendship with a little help from a paper swan, a Jammie Dodger and a Pam Ayres poem.

Magic Paper Man

Director: Bryan Corteen | City: Southport

Two estranged friends are brought back together by the untimely death of their childhood rugby coach, which forces them to confront their personal relationships.

Leagues Apart

Director: Sam Holland |City: Salford

A young woman needs her toilet fixing in her hotel bathroom, but there's one problem: her plumber may be a vampire.

Once Bitten...

Director: Pete Tomkies | City: Manchester

A poem that asks us to put down our smartphones and pay attention to the parts of the world that really matter.


Director: Brett Chapman | Writer: Nadia Emam | City: Sheffield

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